POW came to china

Sustained Vision Achievements

Reaching China is a primary goal and purpose for any brand that seeks to guide a multinational and truly competitive business model.

The achievement of a strategic vision over time is only achieved through sustained work over time; a task translated into a coherent, pragmatic mission, attached to self-knowledge of one’s own potentialities and challenges to overcome. And this has been precisely the corporate philosophy that has led the POW Ideas brand to reach ambitious and unsuspected markets until a few years ago, for a Latin American company in full growth.

And it is that reaching China is a primary goal and purpose for any brand that seeks to guide a multinational and truly competitive business model. This is so, basically for reasons that go through the positioning of the Asian giant as the leading world power, and not so much because of the size of its economy, but because of the vanguard in the field of artificial intelligence, overwhelming even the United States. Other important reasons must also be highlighted, such as the strengthening of domestic consumption in a market whose dimension exceeds one billion people, around an increasingly robust middle class.

All these arguments have supported the expansive strategy of POW Ideas, leveraging an offer of integrated, exponential and competitive communications services, which has been able to live up to the demands of such a rigorous market, whose quality standards are increasingly higher, due to the extensive growth of its technology industry. In addition to this, POW has developed important projects for various clients around the world, belonging to strategic sectors, such as: technology, infrastructure, biotechnology, telecommunications and artificial intelligence, which has generated the development of highly specialized skills in the development of strategic communication solutions.


Reasons to enter the Chinese market

China has surpassed the United States and is positioned as the first world power in the development of the main technological engine of the planet, the key to industrial and social development in this century and those to come: artificial intelligence, whoever dominates it, will dominate the world.

Recent studies argue that China’s wealth and growth are being felt strongly in the world today, as Chinese tourists spend the most money on their travels.

China’s domestic market is exponentially strengthening, with a rising middle class, whose purchasing power is increasing.

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This sustained effort over the last few years, in line with a well-focused vision, has made visible a strategic management with significant added value, and above all, a very high human sense, which builds brands with purpose.

Such is the case of SOYLUSSO GLOBAL, a successful Chinese company, manufacturer and exporter of construction and design materials, with more than 15 years of experience. This special brand, ambassador of the Asian giant in its market, offers a comprehensive solution, which projects high-end design, quality control and distribution of a wide range of products, which include Italian design furniture, lighting, ceramics , doors and windows, and accessories, with the highest international standards, with export quality, also highlighting its projection and exponential growth in the Chinese domestic market. Values ​​and attributes of SOYLUSSO GLOBAL, which have been projected in an effective and impressive way, through the strategic communication plans of POW Ideas, specially designed and thought for this important brand.

This is just the beginning of the POW Ideas brand’s foray into the impressive Chinese market, whose projections are increasingly promising with the leverage of business plans with the greatest global impact humanity has seen in history, such as the launch of the New Silk Road, just to mention a notable example. These are, without a doubt, some promising strategic bases, based on immense opportunities that must be fully exploited, both by POW Ideas and by any other brand, since they will guide the success and sustainability of companies and their business models, at least in the next hundred years.

In this sense, POW Ideas, is committed to the implementation, development and technological innovation, as a substrate of a wide-ranging business strategy, without neglecting its human sense of sustainable development, which clearly implies the raison d’être of a communicational and comprehensive brand, which helps create purposeful brands anywhere in the world, and of course, also in China.