POW Press, a space to make brands with purpose visible

It would be impossible to review an adequate welcome to our press room, without paying homage to the house. And it is that Pow Ideas was born with a strong purpose, supported by the solid vision of a group of friends and university students, for constituting a solid company, capable of promoting and successfully projecting the nascent business models of local entrepreneurs. Jefferson Valero, was the architect of this brand with purpose, which was consolidated in 2016, when the first projects emerged that together with his partner, Arturo Iriarte, gave birth to what was known at that time as Pow Webdesign, whose line of business was aimed at creating websites.

A short time later, due to the high demands of the market and the clients’ own needs, Pow expanded its purpose as a company to become Pow Ideas, a company that offers comprehensive technological, graphic and communication solutions, formalizing itself in this way, and officially in 2017.

Thus, together with a valuable team of professionals, Pow Ideas is in charge of designing and developing projects at a national and international level, aimed at fulfilling its market promise: creating brands with purpose. That is why each communication effort, each digital platform developed, each comprehensive marketing strategy devised, have been aimed at building brands with a very high commercial impact, but above all, with an exponential human sense, through the transmission of effective messages, through the projection of actions that provide true added value to the market, to society and to the world.

For these reasons, today Pow Sala de Prensa was born, as a space designed to project the best content generated by our brands with purpose, without losing track of the most cutting-edge technological trends at the service of digital marketing, neurosciences and marketing, corporate social responsibility. , benchmarking, branding, and the latest innovations you should know about. If you want to be up to date on these and other high-impact topics that can help you build your brand, follow the content in Pow Sala de Prensa, the only information space created with a strategic and communication vision at the service of authentic brands with purpose.