Design and construction - China

Chinese manufacturer and exporter of construction and design materials with more than 15 years of experience. It offers a comprehensive solution that integrates design, quality control and distribution of a range of products including Italian design furniture, lighting, ceramics, doors and windows, and bathroom accessories through its business lines.


  • Naming and organizational philosophy.
  • Definition of brand architecture.
  • Construction of the Buyer person.
  • Corporate identity design for each sub-brand (logo, business cards, interactive electronic signature, plate,…).
  • Design of facade and stand for events.
  • Website design.
  • Email Marketing.

The mother brand is defined as SOYLUSSO GLOBAL, which is the central brand, and the sub-brands as secondary brands to define a differentiated offer in business models with their own personality.


  • Definition of mother brand: concept, projects, testimonials, scope.
  • Definition of sub-brands and links to their corresponding pages.
  • Catalog of products by sub-brands.
  • Integration with email marketing.
  • Link to social networks.
  • Quotes system.
Jeff and Pow Ideas team is excellent, plus great service, helped us a lot, built a professional website, and created 5 brand logos, designed business card and America IBS booth show. Pow Ideas is part of our company.