FAMAC Walking 2022

A walk that paints life pink

The XXll walk for life will be this October 16, 2022, starting at 6:30 in the morning, having as its starting point the Vereda del Lago, Maracaibo Venezuela, with a total distance of 10 kilometers and POW IDEAS, in its active commitment to add value to society, through the corporate management of support for purposeful brands and social agents, joins again this year the select group of strategic allies in the walk for life of the FAMAC foundation.

This has been achieved through the design, development and updating of the official website of the foundation donated year after year by POW IDEAS, a very important communication vehicle; where details about the walk, mission and vision of FAMAC are shared. It is impossible not to do so, since the fact of promoting these causes favors, from every point of view, the creation of a more just, equitable and advanced society, by strengthening humanitarian actions with a very high impact on the quality of life of people.


Breast cancer is not a death sentence.

On the contrary, cancer treatment gives excellent results in more than 90%

The key to a good response to medical treatments will depend on early detection. For this reason, it is key to do a self-examination to detect any lump or anomaly

If you want to know more about the pink walk of FAMAC you can visit the following: famac.org.ve

This very important event carried out for 22 years by the Friends of Women with Breast Cancer Foundation (FAMAC); a non-profit organization, which has been making gigantic efforts in western Venezuela, to combat this disease, becoming a safe help for thousands of low-income women through the management of oncological treatments with the highest sanitary standards , medical assistance and above all, the accompaniment with the warmth and humanity, so necessary to face this battle successfully. All of this has made FAMAC a reference humanitarian organization in this matter.

In addition to impeccable humanitarian and health management, FAMAC has developed other important actions aimed at achieving success. In this paper, we analyze in more detail which have been those strategic elements implemented over two decades, which have been decisive in positioning your brand image, around the holding of events with high projection and impact.

The importance of connecting and making visible

An intangible but extremely powerful element in promoting a brand image based on humanitarian value, consists of two key principles. These are connect and make visible. The first tries to empathize with the experiences that your followers or possible beneficiaries must live every day, when presenting a certain condition, such as breast cancer. For this, a frank, respectful and above all warm language is essential.

It is always important to handle an ethical and credible discourse, that is, as authentic as possible, so that the testimonial message of the volunteers may be indicated. In addition to this, the immense potential of events such as the FAMAC pink walk should be highlighted, to humanize the brand, generating truly lasting and replicable connections and links. As for making visible, it is certainly very important to show the challenges that living a condition entails, this is emphasized with the purpose of raising awareness. However, at no time should integrity and privacy be violated, a highly accomplished task, which is worth highlighting in the more than 20 years of the foundation.

The key to a road that paints pink

One of the main initiatives in favor of this humanitarian and health management carried out by FAMAC throughout these more than two decades, has been precisely the Walk for Life, a large-scale event, which is worth delimiting, it takes place in the It is the second largest city in the country and has become an emblem for the Maracaibe population, which adds wills moved by solidarity and consolidates itself as the largest non-sports event in Venezuela. In this sense, it is very important to highlight the potential that the organization has developed around the walk, based on: achieving a conglomerate of sponsors and strategic allies, which join the pink cause, not only for carrying it out, but also throughout the year, ensuring their support beyond this activity.

Likewise, FAMAC has cultivated a strategic positioning of the brand in public opinion, which impregnates the good name of the organization with highly valued attributes, whose impact translates into the reputation and consolidation of its strategic objectives. That is why the FAMAC experience is an excellent example that can help you when establishing image projection strategies, based on massive events to position your brand in the minds and hearts of your followers. If you want to know more about this project, go to www.famac.org.ve