Pow voice, a new service that promotes brands with a purpose

POW Voice is the new voice-over service, designed to humanize brands with purpose. And it is that for some years, the market trend has been oriented towards generating a strong preference of the general public, towards human brands, that is, those that have specific, authentic personalities and above all, differential, remarkable from the others. the rest; of your competition. There are even specialists such as *Kevin Roberts, who maintain that more than well-known brands must be loved by their consumers and users, if they really want to be successful and last over time.

The importance of having a brand voice is that it will boost the commercial potential of your company in an extraordinary way, through a fascinating process of positioning in the minds of consumers and users, through complex relational semantic connections, in which which the timbre, tone and range of the voice will be associated with the brand that is announcing them. In this way, the message and its other components (images, words, music, etc.) will be internalized in a simpler and more pleasant way. Likewise, they will be more salvageable to memory, in the medium and long term.

What and how can a brand voice convey emotions?








High pitched voice

Serious tone of voice





A little of silence

Paused voice
A lot of silence

Source: Sulbarán, E. (2007)

It is important that the voice is, in addition to being attractive, original, that is, that it can be easily differentiated from other voices. In addition to this, it is extremely important that the voice and all the attributes associated with it go in perfect harmony with the characteristics of the brand’s personality. For example: if the brand to be advertised has characteristics of sobriety, maturity, luxury, sophistication and distinction, the brand voice must, consequently, convey the emotions associated with these values, through the correct management of tone, timbre, inflections , diction, intensity and other sound attributes.

Yris Quijada

Successful Venezuelan journalist, broadcaster, lawyer, businesswoman and socialite. Yris has a brilliant career in the world of media in her country. An extensive career that has positioned her as one of the main female voices on the radio in her region. In addition, she has been the brand voice of important companies and products internationally, due to her magical, seductive and enveloping voice, which is capable of transporting the listener to a world of truly unforgettable sensations and experiences.

Marcial Fuenmayor

Venezuelan publicist, public relationist, broadcaster, university professor, human rights defender and semiotician. He ventured into the world of radio since college. He has developed his potential in the world of locution hand in hand with the study of the power of the voice as a vehicle for commercial communication. He has excelled in radio productions and as a brand voice for advertisers internationally. His voice is characterized by having a classic, masculine and timeless imprint, whose character enhances the value of each brand announced by him.

Pow Ideas, as part of its service diversification strategy aimed at maximizing the performance and impact of the media, messages and commercial communication channels for its clients, has created this service as an extraordinary positioning enhancer, because in a In a world whose communication and commerce dynamics are becoming more and more changing and dynamic, it is really necessary to design effective and high-impact solutions, which can successfully project brands with a purpose, differentiation, and above all; loved by their audiences.

Our service has high-level professionals and extensive experience as a brand voice around the world thanks to their neutral accent and complete command of vocal techniques that allow them to represent the brand personality of the organization. If you want to contact our agents to enjoy the Pow Voice experience, visit the official channels.

*Kevin John Roberts CNZM is a British businessman. He was CEO of the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi from 1997 to 2014. In September 2006, Saatchi & Saatchi won a contract with JC Penney for $430 million due to the idea of love marks, which was invented and promoted by roberts. Font: https://bit.ly/3Obes61