End of the year: Auspicious time to reap successes achieved

At Pow Ideas, the work from sunrise to sunset is comparable to the great satisfaction achieved through a shared effort to reach the top.

The work and day-to-day work at Pow Ideas translates into the immense satisfaction of feeling and being part of the success achieved by each of the clients, who have trusted the number 1 emerging advertising and graphic design agency. in Colombia, according to the prestigious ranking of the European Sortlist platform, also highlighting a remarkable 5 STARS in Google.

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No. 1 in Colombia

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No. 1 in Colombia

Although a year seems to go unnoticed by the calendar, it does not go by for Pow, especially when it comes to reviewing, through the main achievements achieved as a team throughout a fruitful 2022. It is for this reason that in the following lines, special recognition is given to the successful allied brands, present throughout the planet, and of course, to the strategic management of the Pow team, which has strengthened them with commitment and dedication.





Quamtum is an emerging brand, whose positioning in the competitive Mexican telecommunications market has been standing out for its strategic vision and, without a doubt, for its impeccable image management, which has been supported by Pow Ideas, implementing an effective mix of location promotion through the campaign of its pioneering Router 5G Quamtum Connect 1, by being present in dozens of Telcel service centers in Mexico City. In addition, the avant-garde design in POP material, merchandise and advertising material must be added, which has allowed the technology and telecommunications brand to reach Mexican homes, through the innovative packaging and labeling designs created in Pow Ideas.




Soylusso Global, represents the entrance of Pow Ideas to the very important market of the Asian giant, and with it the definitive internationalization of the brand begins. To meet the very high expectations of Soylusso Global, a broad coverage strategy was developed, aimed at capitalizing on competitive market shares, for which a multimodal and high-performance website was designed, whose design gave it a remarkable and impressive added value. . Equally notable has been the design and development of various advertising materials, which were able to transcend cultural and communication barriers, thus meeting the goals set.




Pow Ideas since 2020 has added exponential value to the quality of the brand’s editorial products, through a high-impact editorial design, according to the demands and trends of the Latino market on the west coast of the States. This year, in the 4th edition of the Grandeza Hispana International Awards, the magazine together with the California delegation had the honor of participating and being awarded as “The Pioneer Hispanic Magazine of the State of California” an award received for the trajectory of more than 30 years with the Latino community in the region and Pow Ideas celebrates this achievement as a team that makes us not only participate in this recognition as part of the editorial team but also inspires us to continue building a reference brand in the sector. In line with this communication orientation, the incorporation of its website is added as a powerful tool that incorporates this medium into the digital world without leaving aside the project to refresh the design of its corporate materials that further strengthens its corporate identity.




A proposal that maximizes the creative potential of Pow Ideas, which has been characterized for being up to giant brands like Walmart. In this sense, the success of previous projects was taken as a starting point, such as the one developed in 2020, when designing the packaging and labeling of the Quamtum Access Q6 modem. In 2022, a new comprehensive proposal was developed, totally minimalist, with an organic aesthetic, good taste and high visual impact, specifically generated for the 2022 packaging of this important subsidiary of the giant Walmart.



Dominican Republic

Ingelectrum represents the capacity and the immense challenge of creating a brand from its beginning, which implies the intangible value and the responsibility of being faithful to its essence, values ​​and culture. A premise that served as a guideline to generate a solid organizational philosophy, from which the name and all the design of the corporate identity, website and other branding materials emerged. All this, with a high added value, which has allowed Ingelectrum to become a benchmark in the electromechanical engineering industry in the Dominican Republic, as is its parent company in the USA.

These are just some significant achievements, crystallized through work of the highest professional quality, full of the human sense that characterizes Pow Ideas so much, whose impact translates into the creation of brands with value, which leave a remarkable impact, as agents of change in the economy and in society; changes that certainly point towards a better future.

If you want to know more details about strategic topics of marketing, communication, advertising, trends and technology, you can consult through the official networks and channels of Pow Ideas.