The club tournament has arrived

Hand in hand with The Field PTY will take place in Panama, one of the sporting events with the most visibility and growth in recent years. If you want you and your team to be able to participate and win in this outstanding sporting event, stay with us, and we'll tell you about it here.

Become part of the Flag Football event with the greatest projection in Central America

Teamwork, discipline and above all, unstoppable energy and adrenaline, are the hallmarks of Flag Football, a sport that has been firmly established throughout the world, gaining more practitioners, followers and popularity on several continents every day. thanks to the incredible physical potentialities, the controlled contact irrigation, the possibilities of promoting excellence, teamwork and self-improvement.

In Panama, The Field Tournaments has been the pioneer organization responsible for developing Flag Football, through notorious and growing initiatives such as the famous Club Tournament. An event that brings together the most distinguished from the world of Flag Football and that also represents immense opportunities for emerging teams. If you want to know much more about these opportunities, keep reading and we will tell you about it here.

What is the international projection of Flag Football?

The International Federation of American Football International Federation of American Football; IFAF, by its acronym, is the highest governing body of American football at the international level, being also the organization responsible for managing, organizing and regulating the standards and development of Flag Football. This has given this variant of traditional American football a plus, which has allowed it to gain a large fan following, not to mention the growing number of teams and leagues around the world.

What is the Club Tournament?

It is the flag soccer competition with the greatest projection in Central America, which stands out for having the participation of the best local teams, with the added value of being planned and developed in the country whose development in this sport is the most notable of all. the region. The Club Tournament will take place on March 3, 4 and 5, 2023, at our Emilio Royo Stadium in Panama City. In this sporting event, big brands, sponsors, potential sponsors, agents and the main sports media also come together.

What are the advantages and opportunities of participating in the Club Tournament?

The Club Tournament is the fastest growing and most projection Flag Soccer sporting event in the region, which brings together the most renowned teams and players, as well as important brands, potential sponsors, agents and sports media, which represents a huge opportunity that your growing team should take advantage of.

How can you participate?

If you are a coach or owner of an emerging Flag soccer team, this is the best opportunity to capture and capitalize on great opportunities to be among the greats, you just have to enter the page of The Field PTY, in which you will be able to know the details to participate , through an extremely easy and simple process. Lastly, remember that perseverance, tireless work, discipline, cooperation and the desire to succeed are merits that your team has achieved, alone and through opportunities such as the Club Tournament, you can reach your goal.