To start with the agency represented the beginning of a new stage. I’m not only talking about it at a professional level, but also at a passion level…

Erick Balzan


Social Media Coordinator


TSU. Modern Languages


Social Media Manager & Community Manager


Swimming, connecting with nature, hiking mountains

How many years have you been at Pow and what does this beginning represent for your career?

If I remember correctly, I’ve been with Pow Ideas for 6 or 7 years now. Starting with the agency represented the beginning of a new stage. I’m not just talking about it at a professional level, but also at a passion level. The idea of feeling happiness for what one does sounded utopian. It surprises me today because I never thought, nor imagined, that I could be good at digital marketing.


If you had to define yourself in one phrase, what would it be and why?

I’m a cheerful guy with his life. I consider myself an optimist, flowing with life and letting things unfold as they should. Even on my bad days, which are normal for every human being, even if I see 5 legs on a cat, I try to focus on the positive aspect that this cat has 5 legs and not just 4. I understand that my shortcomings and my successes do not define me; what defines me are my values, principles, education, and my way of seeing and facing life.

What are the expectations and opportunities you foresee in the marketing world in five years?

I anticipate an evolution and a deeper vision of Marketing. Currently, in this era of information and rapid data, the true purpose of marketing and the correct ways to approach it are somewhat being lost. Unfortunately, marketing strategies are being distorted into something ephemeral, superficial, and empty, very basic; forgetting that marketing is about lifelong loyalty and not just about making a sale and then never hearing from that customer again. Nowadays, everything is about NOW, and nothing is about FOREVER.

What is your key to delivering truly quality work?

There isn’t a specific key as such. Music and nature are my muses, where most of my creativity stems from, and I draw inspiration from them when creating content. I won’t lie to you by saying that I don’t look for inspiration on other social platforms, but when I go out into nature and listen to music, it’s like my right hemisphere neurons start doing MAGIC.

Do you feel that your client's success is also your success?

Absolutely. If they’re doing well, I’m doing well. If they’re making money, they can afford my services. If they’re happy with my work, they won’t be bothering me every 5 minutes or micromanaging, and therefore I’ll be calm and happy. If they trust me and my performance, I gain more confidence in myself. So yes, their success is my success.

What is the project that has had the most impact on you at Pow Ideas and why?

There have been several experiences, both positive and negative. The negative ones have marked me in the sense of UNDERSTANDING and knowing what I don’t want for myself, for my brand, or for my professional performance. These experiences have given me the confidence to say: I DON’T WANT TO WORK WITH THIS BRAND, without hesitation or fear of facing uncomfortable situations, because my peace of mind is very important to me. On the other hand, the ones that have positively impacted me, I still have the joy of working with them, such as RZ305 DORAL, THE FIELD PTY. These are brands where the owners are concerned about their brand, they understand effective communication, and they really want their brand to succeed and are focused on it. I value and appreciate that a lot.

How would you describe the Pow Ideas experience?

It might sound very cliché, but it’s enriching and satisfying. Learning new things is part of our day-to-day as marketers, and when your workplace allows and values the innovations you can bring to the table for companies, having full confidence in you, that is appreciated.

What are the main competencies every specialist in your professional area should have?

I believe that the two primary competencies one must have are: CREATIVITY and PROFESSIONALISM. More than just “having them,” I would say it’s about DEMONSTRATING THEM THROUGH ACTIONS.

How do you consider the impact of generating brands with value and purpose?

I consider it necessary; it’s the right way to connect with another human being. We are living in a highly globalized society very poor in human connections, in real human relationships; everything is very digital now. Obviously, it’s not necessarily bad, but everything in excess is harmful. There’s a need to make the digital more real, more human, less filtered, and less photoshopped… Everything more sincere, and sincerity holds VALUE.

As a final point. If you had to express a feeling or emotion that describes the Pow experience, what would it be and why?


Grateful for what is ours. Grateful to be able to work and move forward. Grateful to learn more every day and increase knowledge. Grateful that a group of young people, with great talents, came together to show that Venezuela’s human talent is exportable material. So the feeling I have is: GRATITUDE.