My test to enter Pow was to design a magazine. And well… the rest is history.

Erick Balzan


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer and Martial Arts Master


Web Design, Editorial, Social Media, Print Design, Illustration, and Martial Arts Master


Apprentice Drummer, Video Game Player, and Drawing

How many years have you been at Pow and what does this beginning represent for your career?

I’ve been with Pow for three years, it’s been an international growth for me. My entry test was designing a magazine for Latinos in the US. The rest is history. I’m currently the designer for El Avisador Magazine, and I’ve worked on various projects for clients across the continent, including websites, logos, corporate and commercial identity, social media accounts, mobile advertising, and outdoor advertising, among others.


If you had to define yourself in one phrase, what would it be and why?

A PROFESSIONAL SERVER: Success comes from serving others, demonstrating character and excellence. (It’s my life’s rule).

What are the expectations and opportunities you foresee in the marketing world in five years?

I hope AI won’t take away our jobs; I remain positive, relying on God. I aim to work with high-potential clients for bigger projects and greater success.

What is your key to delivering truly quality work?

Being aware of trends is crucial; everything around us influences our work. Skills, experience, and personal touch matter most.

Do you feel that your client's success is also your success?

Certainly, my goal as a designer is not just creating visually appealing work but being a client ally, commercially and advertising-wise, fostering a sense of belonging.


What is the project that has had the most impact on you at Pow Ideas and why?

The Avisador Magazine project has been personally fulfilling, and I anticipate more such endeavors in the future.

How would you describe the Pow Ideas experience?

In three terms, Pow Ideas is:

  • More than a team we’re friends.
  • It fosters professional
  • Personal growth.

What are the main competencies every specialist in your professional area should have?

Patience is key. 

  • Believe in yourself
  • Keep learning daily
  • Consider timing in addition to quality work.

How do you consider the impact of generating brands with value and purpose?

As I mentioned earlier, being a client ally, understanding their business, ensures excellent results and business success.

As a final point. If you had to express a feeling or emotion that describes the Pow experience, what would it be and why?

While various emotions describe the Pow experience,

joy stands out above all.