The impact of STARTCO 2023

POW IDEA was present at STARCO 2023, the largest and most important startup event in all of Latin America, and here we tell you first-hand what are the main innovations in the sector and their short-term impact.

With the impressive slogan CLOSE DEALS THAT OPEN MINDS, the successful STARTCO 2023 was held. The event that brings together the most influential companies, took place in halls 10 to 14 of Corferias, in the city of Bogotá D.C, on Thursday 16 and Friday March 17, bringing together more than 10 thousand attendees, 25 countries, 500 investors and more than 10 billion dollars in resources. Not to mention also that STARTCO is the largest Startup auction in Latin America.


STARTCO, the largest event in the sector in all of Latam, bringing together more than

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POW IDEAS was the guest of its ally YOYPR, official sponsor of this event that stands out for its important collaborative strategic alliances, in different areas of technological innovation, sustainability, telecommunications, marketing and diversity of new business opportunities, which stand out for promoting the creativity of emerging ideas with high added value, making them visible and leveraging them, to generate sustainable development.

Additionally, STARTCO has positioned itself exponentially, by becoming a platform for entrepreneurship, in which more than 500 entrepreneurs have been able to share their ideas, having the opportunity to attract multimillion-dollar investments in real time.

The STARTUP is a business business model, based on the strategy of an emerging, start-up or incipient company, which is applied to innovative companies to promote and leverage their development and growth.

STARTCO has enabled the growth of companies, through its impressive and attractive commercial structure of auctions. These startups have remarkable business models, which stand out for having a differential strategic vision, oriented and adapted to development variables that take into account the local context of the country, and of course, the reality of Latin America. This is why initiatives like STARTCO generate incalculable added value, being the connection between startups, companies and investors, facilitating the development of their businesses, their visibility and growth; under a sustainable approach towards the future, the planet and the new generations.

What you should know about the STARTUP

The main thing is to know that a company and a startup are not necessarily synonymous concepts, since they have subtle differences. Being a startup, your business model will generally have an operational structure framed fundamentally in the agility of its processes, in addition to innovation as an added and differential value, in strategic areas such as: technology, social change, energy, sustainability, among others. Which have the necessary potential to attract investors and buyers to develop them and bring them to the market for their successful commercialization. So if your business model has the characteristics of genius, innovation, feasibility and projective feasibility for its commercial development, events and initiatives such as STARTCO, or other similar ones, may represent the perfect opportunity for your idea to see the light of day. and literally glow.

These large-scale events are not only characterized by providing the potential to achieve potential sponsors, mycenae or sponsors, but also to generate an important collaborative network structure, or rather, a network of strategic allies that can help you promote your model. of business. If you want to know how to participate in the next editions of STARTCO, or simply need some guidance on this and other trending topics, contact us through our channels, we will be happy to help you.