The impact of making brands with value visible

Brands, today more than ever, must be visible, project themselves to the rhythm of the changes and needs of their consumers, while expanding their influence as agents of change and co-responsible, sustainable and sustainable entities.

In advertising, marketing and commercial communication there are universal truths, whose impact is still fully valid—even today, in the midst of the AI era—which must be taken into account when managing the success of your brand. One of those truths has to do with the need for visibility, the differential value of a successful brand. And it is that basically this can be summed up in this old story that our grandmothers told, and that I will summarize as follows:

Juanito visited his grandmother during her school vacations. The old woman lived in the country, cultivating the land. One day, the boy woke up very hungry. His loving granny sent him to the chicken coop to get fresh eggs for breakfast. The little boy couldn’t contain his astonishment—in the midst of the bird’s incessant cackling—when he saw the number of eggs that Matilda the hen had laid. When he gave the ten eggs to the grandmother, he told her that he admired Matilda and all the chickens, for being the laying champions of nature. The wise granny, with a tender and frank smile, told him: – It’s not like that, my little Juanito. Although it is true that Matilda and her other companions are excellent layers, they are not the champions. The astonished child asked him the name of such prodigies. To which the granny replied: -Nature’s egg-laying champions are sardines, because they lay thousands of eggs all the time, only they don’t tell anyone, just like our Matilda does with her striking sounds.

The moral of this story is that your product or service can catapult your brand to the top, but if you simply don’t say so, it simply doesn’t exist, turning your brand into the eternal sardine of our history. The good thing is that this does not have to be like that, since there are infinite combinations of effective communication strategies to make your brand visible and project, and not just do it; but do it very well.

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Pow Ideas, has devised a high-impact strategic solution, whose innovation is based on communicating in a unique way the potentials and differential values of your brand, this is POW Press Room. A dynamic, entertaining and informative space, which through different possibilities of corporate communication, allows you to connect directly and organically with your clients. Next, we will summarize some important advantages that this innovative service offers you:

  • Build your brand, since it allows you to establish specific bases of style and editorial, which will align your content on the basis of the established brand personality.
  • Your brand will be constantly updated, since the news is closely linked to the immediacy factor, so important today.
  • Generate truly organic feedback, because it creates a link in real time, arousing interest, stimulated in your audiences, which expect solutions to their needs, through a two-way platform for strategic and public news communication.

What is POW Press Room?

It is a powerful communication tool of Pow Ideas, which functions as a multimodal communication space, at the service of our clients. POW Sala de Prensa is managed by communication and marketing professionals, who, through reports, interviews and specialized marketing and advertising research, will project your brand in a unique way, positioning it in the minds and hearts of your key audiences.

Another factor that is impossible to ignore is that brands—today more than ever—must be visible, close and highly empathic. They must even project themselves to the rhythm of the changes and needs of their consumers, at the same time as expanding their influence as agents of change, in order to position themselves as co-responsible, sustainable and sustainable entities. This will allow you, at the same time, to develop and leverage strategies aimed at strengthening the corporate, business and social responsibility of your brand, while strengthening the market, experience and brand positioning.

Why should I use the POW Press Room service?

The news itself has a strong sense of immediacy, directly linked to important and transcendental events in the lives of people, companies and brands, which undoubtedly arouse automatic interest from people who want and need to handle information. , and even more, if we take into account that we are in a world in which communication is immediate and changing.

One last, but essential reason that you should know—and that will surely answer an important concern—is that this tool can effectively help you increase your sales and profitability, monetizing from an orientation towards added value and customer satisfaction, since you can communicate from an after-sales service line, while offering your unique brand propositions and differential brand values, that is, what your brand has that the competition does not, always from an advisory perspective, as a friend who accompanies and offers all possible solutions; immediately and reliably.

To this must also be added the synergistic or potent effect that is generated when combined with the impact of the other communication efforts of POW Ideas, such as: strategic digital campaigns, email marketing, voice over, network management, web design and the entire catalog of services that specifically adapts to the needs and requirements of your brand and business model. And remember, if you want to know how to access the POW Press Room service, contact our executives. We will be happy to commit ourselves to enhance and project the value of your brand.