The impact of change is achieved when we are more

We are more when we give our best and join hands with the brands and the people behind them. This is how we make a difference, impacting the lives of communities and human beings who really require it. Stick around and read till the end to find out what it's all about.

This past Saturday, September 2, Pow Ideas joined hands with FAMAC, REGALOS DE DIOS, Afirmación Venezuela and the Manos que Ayudan Foundation, to bring medical help and accompaniment to the people who need it most, through a mega medical conference that carried out investigations and screening for breast cancer, screening for diabetes and arterial hypertension, cardiovascular, internal medicine and vaccination for the entire family in the Amparo sector in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The day had the support of a large group of specialist doctors, nurses and a team of highly trained health professionals and above all, with immense hearts and love for others. This great day had the support of sponsors and donors from the public sector and private companies, thus demonstrating that love and conviction of humanity are stronger when there are more of us and we unite around greater causes.

And it is that when we are more, we really give our best. In this way, we join hands with brands, NGOs, companies, institutions and the most valuable of all; with the people behind them. This is how we become brands that generate the necessary changes, making a difference, and impacting the lives of the communities and human beings who really require it. If you want to be a volunteer, donor or beneficiary of the next social responsibility conferences and events of our house, contact us!