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Over 27,000 trees are cut down daily for conventional toilet paper production, according to National Geographic. This figure is alarming, especially when we consider the 140 liters of water used to manufacture a single roll of paper. However, an emerging brand is arising that aims to make a positive impact on the world by promoting small daily changes through the use of an eco-friendly product made from recycled paper pulp and bamboo, known as Mimosito.

Panda bear, a powerful visual representation of friendship, kindness, and balance with nature.

Toilet paper visually merging with the bear's torso as one.

The dot of the 'i' transforms into a heart formed by two overlapping leaves as a symbol of love for nature.

Color Palette

The panda has white and black fur, so these colors are a natural choice to represent it. Green emphasizes the product’s natural origin and responsible production.

Pantone P 151-15 C
Pantone P 144-15 C
Pantone 627 C
Pantone 000C



More than a logo...

The panda is recognized for its unique and charming appearance, symbolizing nature and environmental conservation. Mimosito is portrayed as a forest guardian and brand ambassador, aiming to raise consumer awareness about the importance of adopting eco-friendly alternatives in our daily lives to move towards a greener world.

Trees cut

Planet saved


The campaign “0 trees cut, 1 planet saved” by Mimosito highlights its commitment to sustainability by using recycled paper pulp and bamboo in its toilet paper, thus avoiding deforestation.


Mimosito’s packaging can be more than just that; it can become a powerful awareness message that promotes the campaign “0 trees cut, 1 planet saved.”

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