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At MOCCASHII, we celebrate the authentic beauty of all women, regardless of their race, body, size, or color. This branding project merges the personal identity of the founder, Monica Trinidad, with diversity and feminine strength. The brand is an affirmation of individuality and a reminder for every woman to love herself, trust herself, and feel confident in her own skin.

MOCCASHII goes beyond fashion; it’s a statement of empowerment. The brand’s added value lies in guiding every woman to feel confident in being herself. It’s a call to believe in one’s own beauty and trust in inner strength. MOCCASHII aims not only to dress women but also to uplift their spirits, inspire confidence, and foster self-love.

It represents the brand's initial, uniting all women.

They form a "crown" symbolizing royalty and feminine strength.

Three diamonds represent the Holy Trinity, symbolizing the founder's essence as an instrument of God.

Color Palette

Pantone 2627 C
Pantone P 68-9 C
Pantone 7402 CP
Pantone 12-0712 TPG
Pantone 000



Diseño de gancho de ropa
Logo circular Moccashii
Delighted 🤩 with the work done by the POW Ideas team! The first logo they created for me made me cry when I saw my dreams one step closer to reality! I immediately commissioned another one for my ministry, and once again, I fell madly in love! It was hard for me to choose just one! So, I ended up with 2! The team has supported me greatly, and we've had a connection that feels heaven-sent! Undoubtedly, they have been a blessing in my life! Thank you very much for your work, effort, and dedication! I bless you abundantly! Wishing you much prosperity!
Logo circular Moccashii
Monica Morera

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