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Vedamov is a brand that focuses on elevating human consciousness through movement and knowledge in pursuit of holistic well-being. In collaboration with Pow Ideas, a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy has been developed that encompasses everything from the brand’s essence to its visual identity. This approach ensures consistency in all aspects of the brand’s presence, creating a lasting emotional connection with the target audience.

VEDA: Knowledge, in Sanskrit.
MOV: The first three letters of “movement” are “mov.”

This name encapsulates the notion of consciousness transformation through the union of movement and knowledge.

Serif typography reflects the fusion between knowledge and movement.

Sparkles under the letter 'E' and in the center of the letter 'O', evoking enlightenment and personal evolution.

Curved line suggests a continuous flow between ancestral knowledge and conscious movements.

Color palette

Pantone 3165 C
Pantone 000 C
Gradiente dorado
Pantone 141 C
Pantone 7744 UP


Pow Ideas has been a standout choice for establishing our brand and company in the USA. With their focus on the purpose and elegance of our brand, they have demonstrated mastery in using the best tools, software, and current technology. We not only highlight their leadership in Latin America but also on a global level. Our experience with Pow Ideas represents working with a company that offers everything needed in one place: project leadership, creative vision for the future, commitment, and dedication to our brand, along with exceptional customer service. Their focus on excellence has provided us with an invaluable experience, always available to address every question and provide clear guidance towards success. If you're looking for a team committed to perfection, Pow Ideas is a solid choice.

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