Creativity to Generate Ideas for Success

Many are the companies and entrepreneurs claim that everything is already inventing, which is why it is not worth the effort to invest time and energy to create new things; and the truth is that there is nothing more false than this.

A famous marketing specialist argues that the success of startups and brands is directly related to our ability to visualize the potential of things. For example, the world famous Stars Bucks was able to creatively visualize the potential of the coffee market, which was believed to be exhausted at the time.

Marketers call this creative strategy, lateral marketing, whose meaning is to enhance a product or service, adding additional value, totally revolutionizing it. Example:

Gas station plus grocery store ⁼ convenience store

Donation plus adoption⁼ sponsor a child

Cafe plus computers ⁼ Cyber cafe


Everything consists of looking beyond, in observing the possibilities, putting all your potential and energy to make it possible.

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Consulted source: Phillip Kotler. The 10 deadly sins of marketing. 2010