Industrial maintenance - Chile

ZUHOUSE is a brand with character of modernity and competitiveness. Its corporate design communicates success and action, within reach of infinite possibilities, expressed in the versatility, creativity and innovation of a dynamic management of professional services in the maintenance and integral construction of highly functional spaces. Being the above, the enhancers to develop an integrated communication strategy, based on: Branding, web design and development, editorial design and communication strategies.


The first step in the integrated communication strategy consisted in the creation of the name, slogan and organizational philosophy to support the start of a brand with a concept. Subsequently, a sophisticated imagotype is designed with a visual impact based on aesthetic appeal, it graphically expresses the shape of a gabled house with a chimney; constituting a whole symbol of: security, confidence, solidity, warmth, protection; evoking the positive experiences lived at home, creating a strong bond of belonging with the brand.

Additionally, an integrated portfolio of corporate stationery, cards, brochures, formats for printing and others was designed, recognizing the importance of generating these resources to promote the communication management of this brand; all condensed in a manual, with very clear, precise and simple specifications for its usability in all possible advertising media.

Successful and global brands focus their efforts on creating successful and highly organic strategies through well thought out digital platforms. This premise served to develop an adaptable site, whose additional strength consists of being oriented towards achieving a positive user experience through intuitive and very friendly navigation as well as the use of impactful images, communicating the nature of the business at all times, showing the services in a concrete and objective way; thus consolidating a project that is highly efficient, functional, aesthetic and, above all, successful in attracting new clients.

My name is Gustavo and I am from Valparaíso, Chile. I am grateful for the work of PowIdeas 👌🏻👌🏻 They made up the name of my company, corporate logo, Web page, Business cards. In addition to very good advice!
Gustavo Olmos de Aguilera
Maintenance Chief