“Less is more” Why? Because what does not contribute is not necessary.

Kleiderman Cambero


Art director


Graphic designer


Brand identity



How many years have you been at Pow and what does this start represent for your career?

I turn 5 years old in 2023 and I celebrate them with great pride. Thanks to Luis Surth I met this family, which has made me grow like I never could have imagined. My vision has expanded greatly since being part of Pow. It has been an enriching experience.

If you had to define yourself in one phrase, what would it be and why?

The key phrase of minimalism “Less is more” Why? Because what does not contribute is not necessary.

What are the expectations and opportunities that you see in the world of marketing in five years?

Continue growing as an Art Director, acquire more experience in more comprehensive projects and share my knowledge with younger people.

What is your key to doing truly quality work?

Research precedes any artistic process. Regardless of the project, the only guarantee of delivering quality work is research.

Do you feel that your client's success is also your success?

I respond with a resounding Yes!

Every project you do has a part of you; If that project succeeds, even if it is because of a grain of sand that you contributed, how would it not also be your success?

What is the project that has marked you the most at Pow Ideas and why?

The current visual identity of Pow Ideas. One of the most technical and personal jobs I have done. It fills me with a lot of pride.

How would you define the Pow Ideas experience?

It is feeling accompanied throughout the entire process, both work and personal, it is like feeling like family.

What are the main competencies that every specialist in your professional area should have?

It is really very gratifying when a brand stops being just a symbol, or a graphic, and becomes an identity, a message, an experience, that transmits clear concepts to its target audience.

How do you consider the impact of generating brands with value and purpose?

As a professional, creating real solutions for real brands that are enhanced with our support, adding value… the growth for both parties is what I highlight most as an impact.

As a final point. If you had to name one feeling or emotion that describes the Pow experience, what would it be and why?

Curiosity. Because each new client has a different requirement and just as we leave a mark on them, they also leave one on us. Enriching ourselves with each of those experiences.