Celebrating International Human Duties Day: A Commitment to Society

What Are Human Duties?

Human duties refer to our responsibilities to ensure harmonious, just, and equitable coexistence. These duties not only complement our rights but also make them possible. By assuming our responsibilities, we create an environment where everyone’s rights can be respected and protected.

Universal Declaration of Human Duties by Leaders

1. Preserve Life

  • Protect Human Dignity: Our foremost responsibility is to safeguard the dignity of all human beings. This means treating every person with respect and consideration, and recognizing their intrinsic value.
  • Care for Yourself, Others, and Your Community: Personal and community well-being is fundamental. We must take care of our health and well-being and those around us, fostering a healthy and supportive community.
  • Promote Peace, Inclusion, and Long-term Prosperity for All: It is our responsibility to work towards peace and inclusion, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in an equitable society.

2. Serve Humanity

  • Respect, Care for, and Honor Each Individual: Every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Honoring and caring for others is a responsibility we share as members of humanity.
  • Contribute to a Safe and Just Community: Working to create and maintain safe and just communities is essential for collective well-being. This involves acting with integrity and promoting justice in all our interactions.

3. Sustain for the Future

  • Protect the Physical Environment and Preserve Ecosystems: Our responsibility towards the environment is crucial. We must protect and preserve our ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.
  • Choose Sustainable Practices that Lay the Foundations for Future Generations: Adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives helps establish a solid foundation for the well-being of future generations, ensuring that the world they inherit is healthy and prosperous.

4. Seek Prosperity

  • Preserve, Protect, and Foster the Freedom to Innovate: The freedom to innovate and create is vital for economic and social prosperity. We must protect this right and foster an environment that enables innovation and growth.
  • Uphold Individual and Community Responsibility to Add Value to the Economy and Society: Each of us has the responsibility to contribute positively to the economy and society, adding value through our actions and decisions.

5. Respect Human Personality

  • Appreciate Diverse Opinions of Fellow Leaders: Respect for diverse opinions is essential for effective leadership. Valuing different perspectives enriches our decisions and strengthens our community.
  • Respect Elements of All Cultures, Including Heritage, Language, and Diversity in All Forms: Cultural diversity is a wealth that we must appreciate and respect. Every culture, language, and heritage contributes to the richness of humanity and must be protected and honored.

6. Educate Yourself and Teach Others

  • Promote Access to Equitable Education and Equal Opportunities: Education is a fundamental right. Promoting equitable access to education is essential for personal and social development.
  • Value, Develop, and Explore Human Talent and Entrepreneurial Spirit: Encouraging and developing human talent and entrepreneurial spirit is crucial for individual and collective progress.
  • Use and Enhance Skills, Knowledge, and Talent to Elevate Others: Our skills and knowledge should be used for the benefit of others, elevating our community and contributing to the common good.

7. Lead Responsibly

  • Exercise and Protect Individual Freedom of Expression Responsibly: Freedom of expression is a fundamental right that must be exercised responsibly, protecting both the majority’s and minorities’ voices.
  • Protect the Interests of Both the Majority and the Minority: Responsible leadership involves protecting and promoting the interests of all, ensuring no one is left behind.
  • Create an Environment of Mutual Respect: Mutual respect is the foundation of a harmonious society. Fostering an environment of respect is crucial for peaceful coexistence.
  • Know, Respect, and Promote Human Rights: Knowledge and promotion of human rights are essential to ensure justice and equity in our society.

The above is a universal declaration written and promulgated by a talented Venezuelan, Argenis Angulo, world president of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) 2022, and certified by the United Nations, to build more just and peaceful societies.

Reflecting on Our Duties

Human Duties Day gives us the opportunity to evaluate how our actions and behaviors affect others and the environment as a whole. It is a moment to reflect on how we can improve and take on a more active and positive role in our community and the world, reminding us of the impact and our duty as leaders and change agents in a more humane society.

How Can You Contribute?

  1. Education and Awareness
    Becoming informed about human rights and duties is the first step. Educating others about the importance of these issues is also crucial.
  2. Everyday Actions
    Small everyday actions, such as being kind, respecting others, and taking care of the environment, can have a significant impact.
  3. Active Participation
    Get involved in community activities, volunteering, and campaigns that promote social justice and environmental protection.


Human Duties Day is a powerful reminder that our actions and behaviors matter. By assuming our responsibilities and duties, we not only protect our rights but also contribute to a fairer, more peaceful, and sustainable world. Today, let us reflect on our duties and commit to being responsible and active citizens in building a better society.

Happy Human Duties Day!