Hot Fruit Drinks - Colombia

In 1995, Frutalia was born, a micro-enterprise inspired by the crops grown in the beautiful fields of Tunja and the entrepreneurial spirit of a Colombian family, with the promise of bringing to every home the quality and natural attributes of an innovative product, the traditional aromatic Colombian beverage. now of liquid fruit!, being the first in the market in this presentation.


A communication and media proposal is developed that encompasses the growth of an innovative brand. In this sense, an ambitious communications campaign has been developed, focused on generating deep bonds, through affective and emotional messages, exalting a sense of belonging in the market, based on the consumption of valuable content in strategically chosen vehicles, thus stimulating the growing demand for this successful brand.

They have a very well organized and structured work team, they are very responsible, proactive and dynamic people, always with the best attitude and disposition. They have presented a very complete work, they exceeded my expectations.
Juan Felipe Aranzazú
Director de Marketing