2023 Year of Achievements and Rewards – Part I

Throughout these 365 days, every hand, heart and ingenuity of our agency has blossomed into fruits of satisfaction and valuable rewards thanks to our joint effort. Our work not only contributes to the honest and brilliant growth of others, but also fills us with pride. In this edition, we invite you to the top 5 highlights of this, our home. Thank you for being part of this journey!

2023 has been a challenging year full of moving events worldwide. As we say goodbye to this year, marked by valuable lessons, satisfaction and achievements, we thank our allies for trusting in our dedication and commitment. Each success is the result of the effort not only of POW IDEAS, but of our entire growing family that grows together with you. Thank you for being an essential part of this shared journey to success!


Five projects, 5 reasons to celebrate together

Each project carried out at home represents the materialization of achievements, goals and, above all, the dreams of our clients. Although each goal achieved is a valuable reward, we want to highlight five projects that stand out in the Top Pow Project 2023. These projects are distinguished by the exceptional commitment of the brand owners and their clear purpose, making a significant difference.

Join to

pink feeling


This project stands out in our 2023 portfolio for meeting high standards of global marketing and strategic design. Beyond that, it reflects our human commitment to brands and actions that act as agents of change in the world. The advertiser for this campaign is FAMAC (Friends of Women with Breast Cancer Foundation), a Venezuelan nonprofit organization that has been a leader in humanitarian breast cancer management for more than 23 years. Their annual event, the “Walk for Life,” is one of the largest charity events in the country.

“Join the pink feeling”, our campaign concept focuses on the idea that, with every step and heartbeat, the pink feeling expands, joining a collective movement of thousands of souls who walk together with determination and love in support of The fight against breast cancer.

The planning and execution of this strategic communication project were not limited to the design and creative concept; They transcended into impactful ideas and actions in supporting the management of this massive event. We create messages through videos supported by renowned social communicators committed to the cause. Additionally, we developed the “pink map”, a personalized tool in Google Maps that shows the location of each Pink Point registered during the number sale, thus contributing to collaboration in the walk.

In addition, a clear, accessible and visually attractive website was developed, designed to facilitate access to essential information and motivate participation in the “Walk for Life 2023”.

The campaign went beyond borders, taking our message and logo to another country with a simultaneous walk in Orlando, Florida, in which members of the Venezuelan Marabina community residing in the United States participated. This highlights that, in the battle against breast cancer, distances and borders are irrelevant, as demonstrated by the outstanding attendance of more than 10,000 people and the sale of more than 7,000 issues.

Endomarketing for

Apple Leisure Group

United States

Pow Ideas has developed Endomarketing strategies for this multinational through the creation of multimedia developments. This initiative has implemented impactful messages in various formats, such as posters, social networks, WhatsApp stories and email marketing. The campaigns encompass internal communications aimed at promoting holistic well-being and collaboration, as well as encouraging participation in Diversity and Inclusion programs and providing creative advice for the organization of corporate events. Regarding external communications, they focus on announcing the company’s outstanding achievements, such as Great Place to Work awards and recognitions, as well as disclosing vacancies and high social impact actions supported by its collaborators.

This successful project has innovatively integrated cutting-edge technologies in the field of communication, using artificial intelligence to generate images both in the company’s internal activities and in monitoring digital marketing trends. The result is manifested in a solid and emotional connection between the employer brand and its collaborators.

We invite you to learn more information through the following link: Go to Behance

Branding for


United States

The integral evolution of the being is the key to the quantum leap that humanity must take, and this is the DNA that defines VEDAMOV; a brand whose business proposal is aimed at creating states of well-being, providing solutions to each individual need, attending to the energy levels of the soul, mind and body.

The collaboration with Pow Ideas as a strategic ally in the field of branding and comprehensive marketing approaches the project from its foundations, diving into the essence of the brand, working closely to conceptualize and give life to its distinctive identity.

The agency embarked on the complete development of the visual identity, including the creation of a cohesive color palette, distinctive typography and graphic elements that align with the essence of the brand. This comprehensive approach ensures visual coherence across all aspects of the brand’s presence, from its corporate stationery to advertising collateral.

The impact of this process goes beyond aesthetics; It’s about building a visual narrative that resonates with the target audience, generating a lasting emotional connection.

Social networks for

Goulish productions


A brand that creates unforgettable stories. Ghoulish not only designs, but also embodies horror perfection in all of his products. We strive to be fair and not just scare, but captivate our customers through the horror and unmatched sense of chill that the masks and costumes of this Mexican brand proudly convey. Its aesthetic takes style to another level, evoking the dark atmosphere of classic cult and horror films of all time. Ghoulish captures and recreates the magic of horror in his creations, leading the competitive mask and costume design market with more than 70 years of experience.

Pow Ideas has developed a mass communication strategy that highlights deep values, strengthening the sense of social responsibility by highlighting the environmental friendliness of the products and the artisanal processes that characterize Ghoulish. We highlight the added value of our exclusive lines, designed and signed by renowned sculptors. In addition, we strengthen the brand’s bond with our audience by responding to their requests in the creation of new products and by sharing the photos they send us using our products. The strategy stands out for its wide scope, covering distribution channels and extensive markets both in Mexico and in 22 countries to which high-quality costumes and masks are exported.

The project is distinguished by the successful management of the media strategy, contributing to the fulfillment of the client’s objectives and the satisfaction of their needs. The strategic management of social networks has been fundamental, with a reach on Facebook of 2 million (an increase of 16.7% compared to 2022) and on Instagram of 1 million (an increase of 167.4% compared to 2022). ).

Refresh for

Detox Suisse


This brand has all the attributes that distinguish the culture of the Alps and the best Cheese Fondue in the world. At Pow Ideas, we have dedicated ourselves to highlighting the extremely high-quality competitive advantages of this brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. Their rich family history, rooted in a passion for integrative medicine and scientific curiosity passed down from generation to generation, has been instrumental in creating strategic messages that reflect inherited tradition and love, becoming stronger over time.

It was inevitable not to take advantage of these exceptional values to position the brand, highlighting the prestige of a culture focused on peace, love for tradition and progress, as well as the potential of a story based on family, love and commitment. For this reason, Pow Ideas developed an ambitious strategy for Detox Suisse, the Swiss clinic, focusing on carefully crafted branding as a driving force for the promotion of its identity and image.

In this context, we revitalize your website and enhance your presence on social networks with management focused on building meaningful emotional connections. The result is evident: a notable transformation in its image, consolidating itself as the prestigious innovative and successful integrative medicine clinic that it is today. To learn more about our work with Detox Suisse, visit: https://detoxsuisse.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/detoxsuisse/